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Happy New Year!

blocks n bling

While we are still awaiting the arrival of little brother, I find myself amidst a million feelings and energy changes.. From Pity parties, to cleaning frenzies, to emotional breakdowns.. Today I am feeling hopeful that our new life will begin shortly whether days away or weeks, he has to make his grand entrance at some […]

One Month to Go


Aww its December and I have a little over a month left until my due date.. I am really making sure to enjoy this very last little bit of time we have left as just the three of us. Its been a roller coaster of emotions lately, knowing that little dude will be shortly making […]

Pumpkin Patch 2013


Yay its October! Pumpkin patch and fall festivities. Its been a pretty good month so far with a few bumps in the road.. I am pretty sure there are not many perfectly smooth rides when there is a 3yr old in tow. I have been praying for rain, which is seeming to only be bringing […]

Its a Baby Brother

Blocks n Bling

The last time I wrote was a bit of a crazy time, so to not leave any loose ends lets start where I left off.  After a month of seeing Dr’s and having family and close friends evaluate what they think of Autism being apart of your future… Well, absolutely not.. My Dear you are […]

From Starting Preschool to Ending Preschool


    Its been a tough week if I must be honest. I was nervous about the fact you might not be ready for real preschool.  After your first 2 days that was apparently evident to the teacher as well.. You have never really been around more than 3 kids your age EVER. Which I […]

First Tent Camping in Big Sur


Nanna Holly and Auntie Rosie came to visit and we decided to go camping in Big Sur.. I have never seen anyone get as dirty as you did that weekend. Covered from head to toe in dirt, smores, and some watermelon juice to make sure every piece of dirt stuck perfectly. We played in the […]

A New House

Still trying to fit in the bowl!

5-15-13… We are just moving into our new home, and its been awesome seeing your resilience. You seem to be a little confused as to what is going on, but also very happy to explore your new territory.  You loved our old home so much as it was all you have known your whole life, […]

Spring is the Air


3-17-03… You have started your first swim lessons this week, and you of course you were an amazing little fish.  Fully submerging your face, and kicking like a champ. You soon will be fully swimming on your own, there is no doubt in my mind. We measured you yesterday at aunty lala’s, you are  3ft. […]

Big Girl Panties and a Potty Chart

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1-15-13.. Aaah potty training.. We have been working slowly at this for a couple months now but after a friends advise i decided to take you shopping for your very own big girl undies.. I made sure to make a big deal about it and let you pic out your very favorite kind. We came […]

12-12-12.. Once in a lifetime


12-12-12.. I am writing to you today to make sure you have a letter dated on this very special day that well will never happen again.. You have been showing your true love for life and all things living! We went on a bike ride as we do most days but today every time we […]

Putting up Your First Christmas Star.. Lights and glitter


12-07-12…  Aww december, I am a true lover of christmas, and I hope you will feel the same way too.. We just put up our tree yesterday and you put up the star for the first time! were not sure you wanted to leave the glittery star on top of the tree but with […]

Mom-Daughter Trip to Seattle

11-07-12.. We just got home from seattle where we visited grandma and grandpa.. It was a Mommy daughter trip, and you did amazing.. I was soo nervous to fly alone with you, but you have just grown up enough to wear you were actually looking out the window  and beginning to understand we were flying  […]

My Little Surf Angel-Road Trip to Baja


10-10-12… We just got home from baja..… But this time was soo much different then the last visit.. The Water was warm and my lil baby is now a full BLOWN toddler!  We had an amazing trip  watching you blossom, it seems as if almost every hour you were doing or saying something new. As […]

Your First Time at the County Fair


9-17-2012… We went the the Santa Cruz County Fair this weekend.. Wow what a fun couple hours.. All the animals we have been reading about came to life… It was soo awesome to watch you experience the animals for the first time.. You just lit up.. We took you on your first pony ride, and […]

Costa Rica and Baby Koa is on his way

8-17-2012… We just got home from our two week Costa Rica surf trip.. Where i must say you truly came into your own. They don’t call it the terrible 2’s for nothing. You learned how to scream and throw yourself on the floor in attempt to get what you want.. Just the start of it […]

Your Second Birthday

Letters to Kirra

7-20-2012…. Your Second Birthday.. Wow you are 2, seriously crazy how fast we got here.  You really started understanding the word birthday after days of presents in the mail. Popop Frank was here to share it with you.. You are doing new things everyday, and 3word sentences as well. its really amazing to witness.. i […]