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Cali Roadtrip


One of my very favorite things about summer, aside from long languid days spent lazily idling on a beach in Mexico, is taking road trips.  Nothing beats hopping in a car with your best friend, a big mug of strong coffee, the promise of waves, and miles of open road.  This past summer Kelsey and […]

New Years Eve and whole lot of Firsts


12-31-12… Its been a quite series of firsts this past year and as we head in to 2013 I hope that I can continue to ignite your little fire and keep you fueled for the many new firsts you have to come.. This christmas was amazing going from place to place and remembering all the […]

Mom-Daughter Trip to Seattle

11-07-12.. We just got home from seattle where we visited grandma and grandpa.. It was a Mommy daughter trip, and you did amazing.. I was soo nervous to fly alone with you, but you have just grown up enough to wear you were actually looking out the window  and beginning to understand we were flying  […]

My Little Surf Angel-Road Trip to Baja


10-10-12… We just got home from baja..… But this time was soo much different then the last visit.. The Water was warm and my lil baby is now a full BLOWN toddler!  We had an amazing trip  watching you blossom, it seems as if almost every hour you were doing or saying something new. As […]