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The Gift


  I love winter and I love the holidays. So many fun things to do with the kids, and a lot of precious family time.  I have an abundance of things to be thankful for and I am really making sure to recognize that daily.  So thankful for my family and friends and all the […]

Desert, Dirt, and Salt

letters to kirra

The first family surf trip this year to our second home(i.e. trailer in the desert) in abreojos, Baja. Two days and Twenty plus hours in a car with two kids was an amazing adventure and my already well traveled children surprised me around every corner. Reef and Kirra are true beach masters and we had […]

Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy

letters to kirra

June gloom may be in full affect here in Santa Cruz, but these kids got my heart shinning so bright. Those little Reef giggles and the tall tails of ms. Kirra are music to my ears. Kirra is doing amazing in swimming, she can swim across an entire pool. She is really embracing her inner […]

One year ago…

letters to kirra

This week marks one year since the scariest and one of the most joyful times in my life. I have been having lots of mixed feelings, but most of  all feeling a bit overwhelmed because my sons day of birth coincides with my closest encounter with death.  Its quite ironic really how this mirrors our […]

A Beautiful December

Letters to Kirra

Reef’s first Christmas and lots of family to make great food and keep the holidays humming. My greatest gift is being here to see Kirra be such an amazing spirit and share this first Christmas with my lil man. I know how close I was to not being here with them and every second I […]

November Rain

What a Great Month! Kirra learned to ride a bike with no training wheels, Reef has taken his first steps, and Grandpa moved to town.  We are finally getting some much needed rain here in Santa Cruz, It feels like fall with big waves and damp streets. What a blessed Life I live here, with […]

Sibling Bond

Letters to Kirra

Five short months with our newest member of the family and the bond is so strong. Its been amazing watching Kirra and Reef become a team and watching their spirits grow closer together.  They are already so connected and their brother/sister bond is so beautiful to watch grow. Its been a new lesson everyday on […]

Ahh Feburary


I can’t believe It has been six weeks since all this started, what a whirlwind to say the least. It’s been great watching Kirra grow and become the most amazing big sister I knew she would, she loves her little Reef. As Far as my health is concerned I seem to be stable and moving […]