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Almost five..


With little K’s 5th birthday around the corner I have a lot on my mind but most of all, how my little baby has turned into such an amazing little lady. I feel so very blessed and proud to call her my daughter, an amazing spirit has blessed this world. Witnessing her growth and love she shares […]

Spring Indeed

letters to kirra

Spring has never smelled so good and life has never been more rewarding! I swear I wake up and the air is just so sweet, and my life is so complete.  Its the second chance at life that has given me a new perspective on what matters and the courage to be a better human. […]

Courts Quietly Confirm MMR Vaccine Causes Autism

Courts quietly confirm MMR Vaccine causes Autism

As a parent, I am trying my hardest to protect my children from all dangers.. I have not vaccinated my first child and will continue to search as much information as I can to ensure I am making the right decision for my kids. Against my family’s wishes I am continuing to stick to my […]

Moving forward


After long consideration about the direction I wanted to take Letters to Kirra. I have decided that not only to continue writing letters about our adventures together but also to talk about how I am raising my children in this new world we find ourselves in.. I feel compelled to tell my story and my […]