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Island Magic: Winter Break in a Wave-filled Wonderland


This winter break both Kelsey and I packed bags full of bikinis and cute little bootie wetsuits, and headed across the big blue pacific to Hawaii.    For a few bliss filled weeks we spent long days surfing in divinely warm water, beaching, sunning, and playing with the plethora of turtles that have been lounging […]

Baja in October


Baja this October equals the greenest desert I have ever seen! Not to mention it was one of the best endings to an amazing run of south swells. Fishing, surfing, shell hunting, and just plain checking out from the grind back in the states has been pure bliss. No traffic, a lot of dirt and […]

Stealing Hearts and Charging Waves


Mini grom, age 9. Valentina Resano Surfing 2013 from Southern Nicaragua.

Handmade Heaven: Clothing, Jewelry, and other Gems from Wings Hawai’i

wings, hawaii,bikini,handmade,maui,jewelry

I’d like to introduce to you the beautiful and extremely talented ladies from Wings: Samantha, Melody, and Becky. I met them during my first year of college at University of Hawa’ii on Oahu. At the time, they were working on a school project, a collection of jewelry they called “Wings”. Now, 13 years later, Wings […]

Your Second Birthday

Letters to Kirra

7-20-2012…. Your Second Birthday.. Wow you are 2, seriously crazy how fast we got here.  You really started understanding the word birthday after days of presents in the mail. Popop Frank was here to share it with you.. You are doing new things everyday, and 3word sentences as well. its really amazing to witness.. i […]