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Potty Training Saga- Happy Love Day


2-14-13… Happy Love day my dear sweet angel! Well, the potty training saga continues… I was doing a little cleaning as I do most days and you were sitting on the potty reading a book taking your daily  ”Duce” when you started yelling “wipe the butt”. I quickly ran to your aid only to find […]

Big Girl Panties and a Potty Chart

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1-15-13.. Aaah potty training.. We have been working slowly at this for a couple months now but after a friends advise i decided to take you shopping for your very own big girl undies.. I made sure to make a big deal about it and let you pic out your very favorite kind. We came […]

New Years Eve and whole lot of Firsts


12-31-12… Its been a quite series of firsts this past year and as we head in to 2013 I hope that I can continue to ignite your little fire and keep you fueled for the many new firsts you have to come.. This christmas was amazing going from place to place and remembering all the […]

Your Second Birthday

Letters to Kirra

7-20-2012…. Your Second Birthday.. Wow you are 2, seriously crazy how fast we got here.  You really started understanding the word birthday after days of presents in the mail. Popop Frank was here to share it with you.. You are doing new things everyday, and 3word sentences as well. its really amazing to witness.. i […]