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Kirras First Ladies Surf Trip

letters to kirra

Oh Cabo how I love thee..  Grandma, Aunties, Momma, and Kirra enjoyed one week of humid tropical paradise.  I have been dreaming about the day when Kirra was old enough to frolic in the pool and enjoy traveling to exotic destinations with her momma. An amazing adventure for a already well traveled lil lady on […]

Grinding it out

letters to Kirra

  Pretty much just grinding it out lately, going through the motions.  Kirra is doing so amazing in her swimming and preschool, I am so proud of my lil fish. Reef is just a curious and loving little man who charms everyone in his radius. I can’t imagine what life would be like without all […]

7 months deep


Riding the roller coaster of life. I never thought two kids would be easy but it is really a lot  harder than I ever expected. I wouldn’t change it for the world, however it is the most challenging thing I have ever done. Some days I feel spread so thin, like I don’t have anything […]

Four Years Ago…


Its seems impossible that four years has passed since I first met you. With all that has happened I am truly grateful to spend this birthday with you. There are so many things to process and overcome daily but one thing I am most happy about is spending my life with you.. The most beautiful […]

Sibling Bond

Letters to Kirra

Five short months with our newest member of the family and the bond is so strong. Its been amazing watching Kirra and Reef become a team and watching their spirits grow closer together.  They are already so connected and their brother/sister bond is so beautiful to watch grow. Its been a new lesson everyday on […]

Pumpkin Patch 2013


Yay its October! Pumpkin patch and fall festivities. Its been a pretty good month so far with a few bumps in the road.. I am pretty sure there are not many perfectly smooth rides when there is a 3yr old in tow. I have been praying for rain, which is seeming to only be bringing […]

From Starting Preschool to Ending Preschool


    Its been a tough week if I must be honest. I was nervous about the fact you might not be ready for real preschool.  After your first 2 days that was apparently evident to the teacher as well.. You have never really been around more than 3 kids your age EVER. Which I […]

Spring is the Air


3-17-03… You have started your first swim lessons this week, and you of course you were an amazing little fish.  Fully submerging your face, and kicking like a champ. You soon will be fully swimming on your own, there is no doubt in my mind. We measured you yesterday at aunty lala’s, you are  3ft. […]