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Poo in the Princess Tent and the Future Ripping Surf Grom


2-2-13…Well i must say that we are getting a little better at potty training in the past couple weeks, after a poo in princess tent and numerous pee spots that i had to clean, you are starting to recognize the sensation. The dots are starting to be connected, Yay. I really wanted to write to […]

Big Girl Panties and a Potty Chart

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1-15-13.. Aaah potty training.. We have been working slowly at this for a couple months now but after a friends advise i decided to take you shopping for your very own big girl undies.. I made sure to make a big deal about it and let you pic out your very favorite kind. We came […]

New Years Eve and whole lot of Firsts


12-31-12… Its been a quite series of firsts this past year and as we head in to 2013 I hope that I can continue to ignite your little fire and keep you fueled for the many new firsts you have to come.. This christmas was amazing going from place to place and remembering all the […]

12-12-12.. Once in a lifetime


12-12-12.. I am writing to you today to make sure you have a letter dated on this very special day that well will never happen again.. You have been showing your true love for life and all things living! We went on a bike ride as we do most days but today every time we […]

Little bean growing into a little human..

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11-11-12… Its quite amazing really, watching this lil bean grow and grow into this lil human. Your love of surfing, the ocean,animals, and well just plain life.. its truly inspiring. You are constantly testing the boundaries around you and making sure that everyone in your vicinity is on their toes. You have really learned to […]