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April it is…

letters to Kirra

Is how we react to the tough times in life what makes life so good?  I’m trying to take this literally and make sure to stop and think about it. How to gracefully handle the hard things in life, looking for positives in all the negatives, and giving hope when there may seem to be […]

November Rain

What a Great Month! Kirra learned to ride a bike with no training wheels, Reef has taken his first steps, and Grandpa moved to town.  We are finally getting some much needed rain here in Santa Cruz, It feels like fall with big waves and damp streets. What a blessed Life I live here, with […]

Four Years Ago…


Its seems impossible that four years has passed since I first met you. With all that has happened I am truly grateful to spend this birthday with you. There are so many things to process and overcome daily but one thing I am most happy about is spending my life with you.. The most beautiful […]

Positive Light

blocks n bling

Four months has gone by like the wind and Reef has made our family so complete. Content and ready for the next challenges that life has to bring.  We are quite the force to be reckoned with, sometimes it feels like a traveling circus but its all worth it to me. Kirra has grown leaps […]

Spell and the Gypsy Collective: Pure Desert Magic


White Dunes, Gypsy Hues… Once again Spell and the Gypsy Collective, the designing sisters from Byron Bay, have created a breathtaking and gorgeous collection for summer. Light and breezy with a chic boho vibe, this collection inspires the free spirit in me and has me dreaming about traveling the world clad in lace, a stack […]

May Almost!


“Look how far we’ve come now baby” ya that’s the song.. Its so true! I feel like it is impossible to explain how much I truly appreciate   my first REAL love in my life.. When shit hits the fan the easiest thing to do is run, bow your head and tuck your tail between […]

Spring Indeed

letters to kirra

Spring has never smelled so good and life has never been more rewarding! I swear I wake up and the air is just so sweet, and my life is so complete.  Its the second chance at life that has given me a new perspective on what matters and the courage to be a better human. […]

Little bean growing into a little human..

#santacruz #surf #centralcali #groms

11-11-12… Its quite amazing really, watching this lil bean grow and grow into this lil human. Your love of surfing, the ocean,animals, and well just plain life.. its truly inspiring. You are constantly testing the boundaries around you and making sure that everyone in your vicinity is on their toes. You have really learned to […]