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Winter is Here!


From cold beach days to warm nights by the fire December has brought more than just gifts under the tree. Reef is really starting to talk, in fact he has a hard time keeping quite. Kirra is just growing into her britches and becoming such a beautful young lady inside and out. I love this […]

The Gift


  I love winter and I love the holidays. So many fun things to do with the kids, and a lot of precious family time.  I have an abundance of things to be thankful for and I am really making sure to recognize that daily.  So thankful for my family and friends and all the […]

Desert, Dirt, and Salt

letters to kirra

The first family surf trip this year to our second home(i.e. trailer in the desert) in abreojos, Baja. Two days and Twenty plus hours in a car with two kids was an amazing adventure and my already well traveled children surprised me around every corner. Reef and Kirra are true beach masters and we had […]

Kirras First Ladies Surf Trip

letters to kirra

Oh Cabo how I love thee..  Grandma, Aunties, Momma, and Kirra enjoyed one week of humid tropical paradise.  I have been dreaming about the day when Kirra was old enough to frolic in the pool and enjoy traveling to exotic destinations with her momma. An amazing adventure for a already well traveled lil lady on […]

Grinding it out

letters to Kirra

  Pretty much just grinding it out lately, going through the motions.  Kirra is doing so amazing in her swimming and preschool, I am so proud of my lil fish. Reef is just a curious and loving little man who charms everyone in his radius. I can’t imagine what life would be like without all […]

7 months deep


Riding the roller coaster of life. I never thought two kids would be easy but it is really a lot  harder than I ever expected. I wouldn’t change it for the world, however it is the most challenging thing I have ever done. Some days I feel spread so thin, like I don’t have anything […]

Four Years Ago…


Its seems impossible that four years has passed since I first met you. With all that has happened I am truly grateful to spend this birthday with you. There are so many things to process and overcome daily but one thing I am most happy about is spending my life with you.. The most beautiful […]

Sibling Bond

Letters to Kirra

Five short months with our newest member of the family and the bond is so strong. Its been amazing watching Kirra and Reef become a team and watching their spirits grow closer together.  They are already so connected and their brother/sister bond is so beautiful to watch grow. Its been a new lesson everyday on […]

May Almost!


“Look how far we’ve come now baby” ya that’s the song.. Its so true! I feel like it is impossible to explain how much I truly appreciate   my first REAL love in my life.. When shit hits the fan the easiest thing to do is run, bow your head and tuck your tail between […]

Spring Indeed

letters to kirra

Spring has never smelled so good and life has never been more rewarding! I swear I wake up and the air is just so sweet, and my life is so complete.  Its the second chance at life that has given me a new perspective on what matters and the courage to be a better human. […]

Ahh Feburary


I can’t believe It has been six weeks since all this started, what a whirlwind to say the least. It’s been great watching Kirra grow and become the most amazing big sister I knew she would, she loves her little Reef. As Far as my health is concerned I seem to be stable and moving […]

Baby Brother Has Arrived..

letters to kirra

Reef Isaiah Black Huntress born 1/12/14 at 8:15 pm 6.9lbs 20 in. Lets start a few days before the birth of our lil man. I went to the the doctor on the 8th of January with swelling and pain in my left leg.. The doctor sent me home thinking that he was merely squishing a […]

Happy New Year!

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While we are still awaiting the arrival of little brother, I find myself amidst a million feelings and energy changes.. From Pity parties, to cleaning frenzies, to emotional breakdowns.. Today I am feeling hopeful that our new life will begin shortly whether days away or weeks, he has to make his grand entrance at some […]

Courts Quietly Confirm MMR Vaccine Causes Autism

Courts quietly confirm MMR Vaccine causes Autism

As a parent, I am trying my hardest to protect my children from all dangers.. I have not vaccinated my first child and will continue to search as much information as I can to ensure I am making the right decision for my kids. Against my family’s wishes I am continuing to stick to my […]

Moving forward


After long consideration about the direction I wanted to take Letters to Kirra. I have decided that not only to continue writing letters about our adventures together but also to talk about how I am raising my children in this new world we find ourselves in.. I feel compelled to tell my story and my […]

Pumpkin Patch 2013


Yay its October! Pumpkin patch and fall festivities. Its been a pretty good month so far with a few bumps in the road.. I am pretty sure there are not many perfectly smooth rides when there is a 3yr old in tow. I have been praying for rain, which is seeming to only be bringing […]

Dear Parents, You Need to Control Your Kids. Sincerely, Non-Parents

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      This is a Post that I felt I must share, written by Matt Walsh a Blogger, Radio Host, and Father of Twins. Originally posted at Matt Walsh Blog. To the fan I lost yesterday: I don’t owe you an explanation, but I thought I’d offer one anyway. I do this more for […]

Its a Baby Brother

Blocks n Bling

The last time I wrote was a bit of a crazy time, so to not leave any loose ends lets start where I left off.  After a month of seeing Dr’s and having family and close friends evaluate what they think of Autism being apart of your future… Well, absolutely not.. My Dear you are […]

From Starting Preschool to Ending Preschool


    Its been a tough week if I must be honest. I was nervous about the fact you might not be ready for real preschool.  After your first 2 days that was apparently evident to the teacher as well.. You have never really been around more than 3 kids your age EVER. Which I […]

Happy 3rd Birthday


Happy 3rd Birthday my sweet mermaid.  It has come so quickly and I am greeting it with open arms.. We spent your 3rd birthday in Abreojos, surfing and playing on the beach all day. This was mom’s last surf trip until after your baby brother or sister is born.  Your determination and eagerness to experience […]

First Tent Camping in Big Sur


Nanna Holly and Auntie Rosie came to visit and we decided to go camping in Big Sur.. I have never seen anyone get as dirty as you did that weekend. Covered from head to toe in dirt, smores, and some watermelon juice to make sure every piece of dirt stuck perfectly. We played in the […]

Spring is the Air


3-17-03… You have started your first swim lessons this week, and you of course you were an amazing little fish.  Fully submerging your face, and kicking like a champ. You soon will be fully swimming on your own, there is no doubt in my mind. We measured you yesterday at aunty lala’s, you are  3ft. […]

Potty Training Saga- Happy Love Day


2-14-13… Happy Love day my dear sweet angel! Well, the potty training saga continues… I was doing a little cleaning as I do most days and you were sitting on the potty reading a book taking your daily  ”Duce” when you started yelling “wipe the butt”. I quickly ran to your aid only to find […]

Big Girl Panties and a Potty Chart

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1-15-13.. Aaah potty training.. We have been working slowly at this for a couple months now but after a friends advise i decided to take you shopping for your very own big girl undies.. I made sure to make a big deal about it and let you pic out your very favorite kind. We came […]