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Fathomthiss Jewelry is handmade by the beautiful Britany Cockshott from Murphy’s, California. ┬áLast week she sent me a pair of stunning earrings and I was truly amazed at how elegant they appear in person. ┬áTheir unique and intricate detailing really bring out a woman’s inner beauty. Here are a few words from the designer about […]

Spell and the Gypsy Collective: Pure Desert Magic


White Dunes, Gypsy Hues… Once again Spell and the Gypsy Collective, the designing sisters from Byron Bay, have created a breathtaking and gorgeous collection for summer. Light and breezy with a chic boho vibe, this collection inspires the free spirit in me and has me dreaming about traveling the world clad in lace, a stack […]

Wings Hawaii: Getting Ready for Summer Island Style!


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Handmade Heaven: Clothing, Jewelry, and other Gems from Wings Hawai’i

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I’d like to introduce to you the beautiful and extremely talented ladies from Wings: Samantha, Melody, and Becky. I met them during my first year of college at University of Hawa’ii on Oahu. At the time, they were working on a school project, a collection of jewelry they called “Wings”. Now, 13 years later, Wings […]

Emily C


Our dear friend and jewelry designer Emily Crittenden’s creations are simply a must for any lady who, like we do, loves to be decked in jewelry but also likes to get her hands dirty (or clean!) This lovely creature has created a line of elegant necklaces that double as stylish ring holders. The ring slides […]