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Goodbye My Loves


I am sitting here in the wee hours of the morning drinking coffee and eating toast waiting for aunty Lauren to pic me up. This is the first time I will leave my kids since my blood clot whirlwind. It is also the the first time I have ever left the little guy and I […]

Almost five..


With little K’s 5th birthday around the corner I have a lot on my mind but most of all, how my little baby has turned into such an amazing little lady. I feel so very blessed and proud to call her my daughter, an amazing spirit has blessed this world. Witnessing her growth and love she shares […]

Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy

letters to kirra

June gloom may be in full affect here in Santa Cruz, but these kids got my heart shinning so bright. Those little Reef giggles and the tall tails of ms. Kirra are music to my ears. Kirra is doing amazing in swimming, she can swim across an entire pool. She is really embracing her inner […]

Love the life you live.

letters to kirra

These kiddos have me spinning in a whirlwind of love. They make my heart sing notes I never knew it could reach. Reef is really beginning to develop his personality, such a little reader bug. Kirra has grown into the most amazing little girl. Every time I pick her up from school, all I hear […]

April it is…

letters to Kirra

Is how we react to the tough times in life what makes life so good?  I’m trying to take this literally and make sure to stop and think about it. How to gracefully handle the hard things in life, looking for positives in all the negatives, and giving hope when there may seem to be […]

One year ago…

letters to kirra

This week marks one year since the scariest and one of the most joyful times in my life. I have been having lots of mixed feelings, but most of  all feeling a bit overwhelmed because my sons day of birth coincides with my closest encounter with death.  Its quite ironic really how this mirrors our […]

May Blues

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It’s been a bit of a roller coaster around these parts lately. You have had your first flu for 5 days now, and just when i think you are getting better you start to puke again. It was probably the worst sickness I have had in a while too. I was up all night catching […]