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Baja in October


Baja this October equals the greenest desert I have ever seen! Not to mention it was one of the best endings to an amazing run of south swells. Fishing, surfing, shell hunting, and just plain checking out from the grind back in the states has been pure bliss. No traffic, a lot of dirt and […]

Surf Inspiration: Get the barrel of a lifetime from your couch!


This video is just to good not to post. It is seriously the stuff of dreams… really damn good dreams. I just got back from Bali but this GoPro clip is making me want to buy a ticket to Africa, like right now (Ebola be damned!) Anyway, without further adu, I give you Koa Smith […]

Stealing Hearts and Charging Waves


Mini grom, age 9. Valentina Resano Surfing 2013 from Southern Nicaragua.

May Surf Getaway


Winter is beginning to fade and spring is starting to settle in. Spring in santa cruz is seeming a bit schizophrenic from cold fog and bone chilling wind, to 80 degree days. This is the time of year I start feeling anxious for some warm water and tropical adventure! My first Resort pick for this […]