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Its Fall Baby!

Letters to Kirra

Aww I seriously cannot believe its is already Fall, and we are in mid October.. Time is Flying by like the wind, these kids are keeping me very busy.. Things have began to even out as I knew they would, really feeling the groove of this double kid stuff. Reef is a little escape artist […]

Happy New Year!

blocks n bling

While we are still awaiting the arrival of little brother, I find myself amidst a million feelings and energy changes.. From Pity parties, to cleaning frenzies, to emotional breakdowns.. Today I am feeling hopeful that our new life will begin shortly whether days away or weeks, he has to make his grand entrance at some […]

One Month to Go


Aww its December and I have a little over a month left until my due date.. I am really making sure to enjoy this very last little bit of time we have left as just the three of us. Its been a roller coaster of emotions lately, knowing that little dude will be shortly making […]

Its a Baby Brother

Blocks n Bling

The last time I wrote was a bit of a crazy time, so to not leave any loose ends lets start where I left off. ¬†After a month of seeing Dr’s and having family and close friends evaluate what they think of Autism being apart of your future… Well, absolutely not.. My Dear you are […]