Surf Angel Kim Mayer



For the final installment of our Santa Cruz Surf Angel series we give you the one and only Kim Mayer.  Kim was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California.  This little lady spends her days traveling around the world’s coasts in search of good waves and adventure, and working to create and promote sustainable agriculture for a company called Orchard Keepers.  Ever the well rounded woman, she plays mandolin, guitar, sings, skates, and surfs (sounds kind of like a Led Zeppelin song we’ve heard before doesn’t it?).   What are a few of Ms.Kim’s favorite things? “I enjoy adventure, discovery, and love stories.”


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Kim’s sponsors include Hotline Wetsuits, Sector 9, Von Zipper, and Pacific Wave Surf Shop.

Wardrobe provided by Sawyer Supply

Photography by Nikki Brooks

Styling/Art Direction by Blocks-n-Bling


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