Over the Moon for Over the Knee

Here is some inspiration for the hottest (not to mention warmest) trend this winter: sexy, sky-high boots.  These are a few of our favorite looks and ways to wear these babies.  We have included a few do’s and don’ts at the end to help keep your boots walking on the right tracks.

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 17: Chiara Ferragni is wearing a jacket from Rodarte, glasses from Celine, and a jeansdress from agjeans and alexachung at Streets of Manhattan on February 17, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Timur Emek/Getty Images)

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There are so many reasons to move those ankle boots aside and pull on a pair of these happening thigh highs! They keep your stems toasty and warm from the ground up, they have an wonderfully elongating effect that makes your legs look like they go on for miles, they are sexy as can possibly be, and they are super versatile.  You don’t have to say goodbye to that adorably flirty dress you bought at the summer clearance sale… just pair it with a some OTK boots and a cozy sweater and BAM: the perfect winter day outfit.

Just remember a few cardinal rules (or should we say suggestions):

1. Keep it classy by not showing too much skin.  If you are going to wear a mini, keep the neck line a little higher or wear long sleeves… remember the power of imagination!

2. Make sure your hot new kicks fit your legs just right.  You don’t want them gapping too much at the top, or squeeing your thighs.

3. Remember, these make a statement.  You don’t need a ton of other eye catching pieces when wearing over the knee boots.  Keep it simple and let the boots do the talking!


Shop some of our very favorite styles:

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