Island Magic: Winter Break in a Wave-filled Wonderland

This winter break both Kelsey and I packed bags full of bikinis and cute little bootie wetsuits, and headed across the big blue pacific to Hawaii.   

For a few bliss filled weeks we spent long days surfing in divinely warm water, beaching, sunning, and playing with the plethora of turtles that have been lounging about lately.  

Given the fact that it is El Niño, this winter has been off the charts for waves.  During our time there, we saw some of the biggest waves ever ridden at Pe’ahi (Jaws), got to surf some epic days at Honolua Bay and Hanalei Bay, and saw some sights that were so beautiful, words can’t even begin to do them justice.  

Here are just a few pics from our adventures. 



Wave RainbowIMG_5735IMG_8767

LaurenHonoluaHeart in the Clouds_MG_1357airdrop_MG_1262tortuga_MG_1235_MG_1555IMG_4263IMG_4334IMG_1429


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