Ghetto By The Sea: Summer 2015 Lookbook from Stone Cold Fox

Here is a little bit of eye candy from Stone Cold Fox, one of our favorite designers here at Blocks-n-Bling.  This summer line has a ton of sass, plenty of glamour, and is seriously sexy.  We are loving the sixties vibe with the striped pants,floral shorts, and the classic summery whites are absolutely to die for!

scf-summer2015-2 scf-summer2015-3 scf-summer2015-4 scf-summer2015-6 scf-summer2015-11 scf-summer2015-10 scf-summer2015-9 scf-summer2015-8 scf-summer2015-12 scf-summer2015-13 scf-summer2015-15 scf-summer2015-16 scf-summer2015-17 scf-summer2015-18 scf-summer2015-19 scf-summer2015-20 scf-summer2015-21 scf-summer2015-22 scf-summer2015-23 scf-summer2015-24 scf-summer2015-25 scf-summer2015-26 scf-summer2015-27


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