Chloe Oliver: 70’s Style With a 2016 Twist

Chloe Oliver, a hip LA based label, was created by two mid-western gals living their dreams as a design team in California.  Not only is their story and vision an inspiration to us, their entire line is a trove of inspiration for any lady who is looking for the perfect mixture of timeless classic, trendy chic, and just a dash of sexy-boho-hippie magic.

Its time to embrace those flare jeans, geometric prints and a must-have suede skirt.  With an abundance of statement pieces, this collection embodies the idea that 2016 can meet 1970 right in the middle and transform your look into a street chic 70’s (a la 2016) babe.

NW5A7519-EditNW5A7204 NW5A7494-Edit NW5A7384-Edit NW5A7345-Edit NW5A7273-EditNW5A7388-Edit NW5A6780-Edit NW5A7072-Edit NW5A7127-Edit NW5A7102-Edit NW5A6441-Edit NW5A6463-Edit NW5A7155-Edit

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