Summery Winter

January in Kauai, and February at home with beautiful 80 deg days. Its been an amazing couple of months, with an abundance of beach days, tons of sand eating, and boogie boarding in the tropics with pops.. Kirra and Reef are truly amazing spirits, we should all be so free.  Reef is on the move, and is a curious little  trouble finder. Kirra is just the most free spirited little girl I have ever met, she makes me so proud.

IMG_7143 IMG_7128 IMG_7129 IMG_7023 IMG_7018 IMG_7182 IMG_6981 IMG_7211 IMG_6983 IMG_6969 IMG_7174

Kauai is a magical place where life just moves slower and the beach days are a little longer.  Living in a tropical paradise is definitely a dream of mine, and the kids were truly in their element  there. For now we will remain in our paradise, in the amazing and blessed Santa Cruz area.

IMG_7337 IMG_6940 IMG_7381 IMG_7447 IMG_7344 IMG_7350 IMG_7412

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