Kirras First Ladies Surf Trip

Oh Cabo how I love thee..  Grandma, Aunties, Momma, and Kirra enjoyed one week of humid tropical paradise.  I have been dreaming about the day when Kirra was old enough to frolic in the pool and enjoy traveling to exotic destinations with her momma. An amazing adventure for a already well traveled lil lady on her first ladies only surf trip. Between copias amounts of quesadillas, hot dogs, and peanut butter and jellies, this trip was such a great experience for me and Kirra. We needed this special mommy daughter week to rejuvenate our already amazing bond. I love you my little soul sister, world traveling bean.

Upon our return it was nice to come home to my lil man and my big man, who seemed a whee frazzled at there week long daddy son bonding time. Reef was so excited to his sister that mom was a bit of chopped liver. Their bond is so strong and and fueled by pure love.  IMG_9065 IMG_9070IMG_9096

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