Goodbye My Loves

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I am sitting here in the wee hours of the morning drinking coffee and eating toast waiting for aunty Lauren to pic me up. This is the first time I will leave my kids since my blood clot whirlwind. It is also the the first time I have ever left the little guy and I have a lot going through my mind.  I  am a lot more emotional than I thought I would be, however I am only leaving for 2 nights it will seem like an eternity without my little loves to keep me busy.  They are truly my everything, and I never thought leaving them would feel so hard.  I kissed there heads and am headed for a super fun adventure of surfing/work.


These little beings have so much love surrounding them, and are just pure joy with a little bit of crazy. I love you both so much, and can’t wait to hug and kiss you when I get back.


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