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Blocks-n-bling is a collaboration by two friends seeking to express our love of things both feminine and tough.  The blocks are the building blocks and tools we acquire with which we build our lives.  The bling invokes the need for glamour, fun, and the little spark of joy that we get when beholding something beautiful.

This idea first came when Kelsey’s little daughter Kirra was playing with her building blocks when she was two.  As she built towers and bridges, she looked up at me and stopped in her tracks.  She was transfixed with a blingy piece of costume jewelry that I was wearing.  It was a chunky, sparkly bracelet made of rhinestones.  Without saying a word she got up and took the bauble off of my wrist and put it on her own tiny little wrist.  She then resumed her building project, stopping only to push the too-big bracelet up her itty-bitty arm.

It was a precious and hilarious moment that was also a poignant metaphor for any girl who works hard to build the life of her dreams while taking great pleasure to surround and adorn herself with beauty.

Blocks-n-bling is our expression of this concept.  We want to use this blog to show our favorite styles, fashion, designers, and a glimpse into our lives as friends, surfers, and family here in Santa Cruz, California.