Bags for Beach Babes

A few of our key necessities for summer include: a cute bikini, a big soft towel, sunscreen, sand, water, waves, sun, and of course, a cute beach tote to carry all of our goodies in.

A couple things we keep in mind when choosing the perfect bag for summer are durability (it has to be able to withstand a summer of being tossed and lugged around!) size (the thing has to be able to hold some fashion mags and a water bottle as well all the other stuff!) and of course there is the cuteness factor… Here are a few of our top picks!



Amuse Society: Essental Attire for a Beach Lovin’ Babe

Because most of our days are spent in search of either waves or a piece of sand on which to spread a beach towel and get some sun, a closet full of boho/beachy clothing is essential.  The Amuse Society, a clothing brand that stole our hearts immediately when they used the words “Beach Vida Bling” in reference to their style,  fits this bill to a T.  This beach lifestyle brand has a ton of sexy, flirty, and easy to wear clothes that are designed to,  “channel a rock muse on a beach holiday.” What more could a beach lovin’ babe ask for?  Lucky for us, our beach holiday never seems to end!

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Island Magic: Winter Break in a Wave-filled Wonderland

This winter break both Kelsey and I packed bags full of bikinis and cute little bootie wetsuits, and headed across the big blue pacific to Hawaii.   

For a few bliss filled weeks we spent long days surfing in divinely warm water, beaching, sunning, and playing with the plethora of turtles that have been lounging about lately.  

Given the fact that it is El Niño, this winter has been off the charts for waves.  During our time there, we saw some of the biggest waves ever ridden at Pe’ahi (Jaws), got to surf some epic days at Honolua Bay and Hanalei Bay, and saw some sights that were so beautiful, words can’t even begin to do them justice.  

Here are just a few pics from our adventures. 



Wave RainbowIMG_5735IMG_8767

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Stone Cold Fox Spring 2016

Ready, set, shop.  Stone Cold Fox, always one of our favorites and always on point, has done it yet again in their new Spring 2016 Lookbook.  It is filled with lace, stunning prints, and gorgeous pops of rich color that are perfect for spring.  Sophistication meets sexy with a slight nod to the 70’s in this fun and exciting new line.

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